Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rainy Day Reading

Reading:  Hidden Kitchens
Stories, recipes, and more from NPR's The Kitchen Sisters
by Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson

loving it! 

working on a vest for Josephine.  I'll update more on that as it progresses

My garden is loving this rain!  We harvested the first of our tomatoes from our Ananas Noire plant.  I think I should have left them a few more days, but the girls were becoming impatient.  They will set on the counter for a few more days, and hopefully ripen a bit further.  If not, then we will enjoy some fried green tomatoes.

The tomatillo plant is going to be hugely productive this year, it seems.  There are several papery little lantern-like baby tomatillos so far, and dozens upon dozens of little yellow flowers, the sight of which makes my heart happy!

The gourds are growing up the trellis, which has been a magical sight for hubby.  He is a city boy, and is making new garden discoveries every day.  He was very excited that the gourds grab on to the trellis with their little curly hands all by themselves.  No need for human intervention. 

I'll post garden pictures soon.

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