Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Introducing Serendipity Hats!

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.

Inspired by adventure
fun and laughter!
Just try not to have a good day in one of these!
Each is one of a kind
find them here

Monday, October 7, 2013

Foxy girl!

I've been seeing cute little fox hats all over the place, and decided Josephine had to have one.  Here she is:

Yep, crying again.  She is not a willing model.  Ever.  I took the pic anyway.
You can find the pattern here.  The pattern is not mine, it is by another designer.  I love it!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We recently visited the Pioneer Trails Museum.  Notice the box of yarn.  All I can think is that is not near enough yarn for a 5 month trip, riding in a covered wagon! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday Girl!

Today was my sweet little baby's 3rd birthday.  At times it seems like just yesterday that she entered our world, all 3 pounds 12 ounces of her.  She was 2 months early, and she spent a month in the NICU.  That month felt like a lifetime.  I wanted to bring my little baby home so badly, to hold her and cuddle her and not be surrounded by nurses and doctors and machinery that made buzzing and beeping noises constantly. 
The day we brought her home, we were so scared.  She was tiny.  Oh so tiny.  The nurses just chuckled when I expressed my fear.  "You'll be fine", they assured me.
And we were.  We were just fine.  Perfect, actually. 
My oldest daughter often says to me, "What did we do without this baby in our lives?"  And I can't answer her, because I don't remember.  She's such an integral part of our family, that I can't remember our world without her. 
Happy Birthday, Jo.  We are so happy that you have been a part of our family and our hearts for the last 3 years.  You are so very loved! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Independence Farmers Market pics, and soap shop address

Here's a couple of soap pics from the weekend.  I'm so disappointed, I forgot to replace my camera card, so I had to use my phone.  BUT...  a nice new friend that I met Saturday took some pics, so hopefully I'll have more weekend pictures to share soon!
Also....  here's the new soap shop:
I don't have much listed yet, but soon I will have a shop full of our delicious soaps! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beet greens = compost? Not anymore!

You know those beautiful leafy greens at the top of your bunch of fresh beets from the farmer's market?  Don't throw them in the compost bucket, cook them! 
This is so simple that it does not even warrant being written in recipe form.  Trim the red, woody stems from the tasty, tender green part.  put them in a pan with butter, olive oil, or any other fat you choose.  Season to taste.  I used Applewood smoked salt, which has become my favorite.  You can add some chopped garlic or onions if you would like.  Anything goes here.  Sautee for about 10 minutes, until the greens become wilty and tender.  And that's it!  Could it be any easier?

I went a step further and added a can of white beans for a super satisfying lunch.  Delicious!

a quick web search for "beet green recipes" will result in a treasure trove of other recipes.  Let me know if you try them!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Strawberry Festival

Last Saturday we attended the Strawberry Festival at the Vaile Mansion in Independence, MO.  It was a fantastic time!  I didn't get much time to walk around and take pictures, but I did get a few.
That's my handsome hubby, and our booth.

a close up shot of our booth

This vendor had so many beautiful plants

The doors to the Vaile Mansion, and ladies who give tours.  Don't you love their hats?

Not the best shot, but this is the kettle corn vendor, in period clothing.  Yummiest kettle corn ever!
In other news, I cut the rest of our beautiful peonies and placed them in the window.
And, our peach trees are full of little baby peaches. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This weekend has been a bit sad for me.  My little brick and mortar shop is closing.  Even though it is for the best, and it is what I wanted, I am still heartbroken.  My shop was like my little baby.  I created it from nothing, and I was so proud of my "little business that could."  So, I'm mourning the loss of my little dream.

I'm very excited about all my new dreams and adventures.

But, that's not what this post is about.

I'm also very disappointed in myself.  I've become so jaded that, instead of being grateful for huge unexpected blessings, I spend my time trying to figure out where the ugly is, how it's going to come back to bite me later.

To make a long story short, a stranger did something nice for me.  Something super nice, involving what I consider to be a huge amount of money.  She said, "Consider this a blessing from God, and I know I will be blessed because of this, too."  Instead of jumping for joy and thanking my God for coming through for me once again, I questioned everything about this beautiful momet.  What's in it for the stranger?  Could she somehow be conning me, will this hurt me later on?  and so on and so forth.  I wanted to call her back and talk her out of her generous gift, return her blessing with a polite "no thank you".  All because I have been conditioned to believe that people are only out for themselves, especially when it comes to situations involving money. 

This has to change.

I am ashamed of myself.

I am going to spend the rest of my day in gratitude.  And then, the rest of my life.  I am going to retrain myself to know that people are good, people are generous.  Good things do happen, with no bad side effects.


Let's play outside!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rain Barrels

I know I've been MIA lately.  Hi everyone, I miss you too!  It's been busy around here.

Here's what I'm working on today: DIY Rain Barrel

I'll be back tomorrow to write a proper post!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Josephine is now 2 1/2 years old.  I love this age, and I wish we could stay here forever. 

Josephine is learning about "real life" and "pretend".  She doesn't understand why the people on TV cannot see and her her, when she can so clearly see and hear them.  Tonight we had dinner at a restaurant.  There was a man sitting at a table beside ours who caught Josephine's attention.  She watched him eat for a while, then she whispered to me, "There's a person over there.  Can he see me?"  I told her that he can, and she could even say hi to him if she would like.  They struck up a conversation, and she was satisfied.  In her innocence, she wondered if people in her life were like the ones on TV, just there for us to watch and enjoy. 

Later, at the shoe store, she intently watched the cashier ring up her purchase.  She asked many questions.  What are you doing?  Why do you need to take that tag off?  What is that sound from the cash register?  The cashier was so sweet, and patiently answered all of her questions.  Josephine turned to Daddy and said, "This is all very interesting to me!". 

I don't have any cute pictures of my Jo to share with you today (forgot the camera), so I'll give you a peek at what's new in the shop: 

Tomorrow, we are finishing up preparing the chicken coop, and hopefully we will have little feathered friends very soon!  I'll keep you updated. :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

I had the honor of testing a new pattern for Baca Creations.  This is the sweetest little summer smock, and I can't wait to put it on Josephine.

Jo is having a rough day.  It's difficult, being a 2 year old.  So she has taken to her bed, and I will try this adorable top on her once she wakes up.  You know what they say, Let sleeping toddlers lie!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fresh from the soap pot:  lemon lavender
smells like Springtime!
fresh and clean
I've been working on spring cleaning my cottage.  Love this time of year.  Springtime, for me, symbolizes new beginnings.  Even more than January 1.  The earth is once again turning green, and it's almost planting time. 
I'm also full of ideas and inspiration.  So many, in fact, that I have started a "to do" list for my creative endeavors.  Hubby just laughs, because the list is way too much for one person to accomplish in 3 lifetimes.  That's okay with me.  Future projects excite me.
The days are a tad longer and a bit warmer, and we've been spending more time outside.  Jo loves her play house, and on my creative list are curtains and rugs to make it truly homey and cozy. 
This afternoon, I need to finish a few orders and start a few projects.  I think I'll work on the porch.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More snow means lots of crochet!

We are being hit with snow after snow after snow, which has given me the opportunity to delve into my yarn stash and make a few pretties for myself.  I love doilies, and I love the one I made this week.  It is made from one lonely skein of an alpaca and cotton mix.