Friday, April 25, 2014

Dandelion Bread

Josephine has had a busy week!  We started our week with some Q-tip painting.  We loved this project, and you can find different printables all over the internet.  I highly recommend this activity.  It's low stress, and easy to achieve success, even for your little impatient ones.

Leftover chocolate bunnies were consumed this week, some while wearing warm footy jammies.

Today we made dandelion bread.  Josephine loves dandelions. ( She gets that from her momma! )  So today, she harvested several hundred from our front and back yards, and we set to work removing the stems and green parts to make  batch of dandelion bread.  You can find the recipe we used here.  Removing the yellow part of the flowers was time consuming, and my fingertips are dyed a lovely shade of yellow.  The bread turned out much like cornbread.  Very tasty.

We are loving springtime at the Smith house!  We have trays upon trays of little vegetable plants growing, waiting to get big enough to live in our garden beds.  Our new house lets in the sunshine, and all the natural light is doing the family so much good.  How are you enjoying your spring?