Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Making Cupcakes

Jo loves to help with the baking.  She's fantastic with the sprinkles.  Whenever Josephine and I bake, our little white dog, Bonita, is never very far away.  She takes care of any spills and drops that happen.
Also, please look away from the dirty dishes in the sink.  I did not stage these pictures.  Just keeping it real, y'all.
Have I showed you my gussied-up kitchen aid?  Love her! 
Here at the Smith house, our days have been full of gardening, creating, and lots of playing in the sprinkler with the neighborhood kids.  We are loving the warm weather.  The last several days have been rainy, but it has been much needed rain.  And only in spurts, mainly in the evenings.  The days have been full of sunshine and laughter.  Our new house feels like home.  We are very blessed.

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