Saturday, May 17, 2014

Garden Girl

My little bitty has been quite the gardener.  She loves to help me water in the morning. Her little hands can barely squeeze the trigger on the sprayer, but she always gets the job done!

We also made sweet pickled jalapenos this week.  No, not from our garden.  It's a bit early for that.  We found bags of jalapenos at a good price, and my fingers were itching to do some canning.  It's been a while.  Here's the recipe we use, if you are interested:
Sweet Pickled Jalapenos
2 pounds jalapenos (you do not need to bother removing the seeds if you like hot.  I did not remove them this time, but I think I will next time.  This batch was hot hot.)
2c apple cider vinegar
4 cups sugar
1-2 T pickling salt
prepare canning jars (wash, rinse, sterilize)
slice peppers into rings.  remove seeds, if desired
Combine vinegar, sugar, and salt. Cook over low heat to dissolve sugar. 
Pack jars very tightly with jalapenos while sugar is dissolving.
Bring syrup to a boil on high, to thicken to thin syrup consistency.
Pour over peppers, leaving 1/2" headspace.
Process for 15 minutes in water bath canner.
This recipe makes too much syrup for 2 lbs of peppers.  I had quite a bit left over, so I cooked some fresh beets, sliced them, and put them in cans along with the extra syrup.  I added a clove or two to each can, along with a bit of cinnamon and coriander.  Spiced pickled beets!  Leave them set a week or so to let the flavors really develop.  They were delicious! 
The syrup will also keep for a month or so in the fridge.