Saturday, January 26, 2013

Natural Mouse Repellant Recipe

Eeek!  We have a mouse!

My husband was working in the "man cave" (aka the garage) yesterday, and when he was finished he reported back that he saw a tiny little mouse. 


OK, so it's just the garage.  But, the garage is attached to my basement.  The basement houses Jo's playroom, and MY CRAFT STUDIO!!!  Tiny mice have mommy mice and daddy mice and cousin mice and aunts and uncles................ you get the idea.

SO..  I set to work making lots of my super duper, super easy and ALL NATURAL mouse repellant bags. 

You will need:

Muslin bags
peppermint essential oil

(I purchased all of the above at San Francisco Herb Co. )

It's beyond super easy. 

1. pour the cellulose into a glass bowl

2.  add about 30 or so drops of the peppermint essential oil and stir

3.  let mixture set for a couple of hours.  Your husband and kids will come into the kitchen several times and ask what kind of minty deliciousness you are baking.  You will disappoint them by letting them know that it is not for them. 

4.  Add a cup of the mixture to each muslin bag.

5.  Place bags all over the house to keep mice away!

I love that this method has the added bonus of making your home and garage smell fresh and minty!


  1. That sounds way to easy to work!
    But I will give it a try.
    The man cave is where I work. And it has been totally redone into my sewing room.
    All fabrics in containers because of you have guessed! Mice.
    Hummm I love peppermint oil so I will try this.
    And it will smell delicious indeed to boot!

    Thanks Stephanie

    I will also become your follower!


  2. So the day I read this I also had a friend mention she had mice in the house. Yikes! Passing this info along to her :)

  3. How often would you have to change out the bags?