Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's be there for each other

Let's start talking about these things, even if it seems negative or inappropriate.  Let's stop "minding our own business" and "giving him/her their space", and start being there for each other.  Really being there.  Let's start sitting with each other in our pain, and not just celebrating together during the good times.  If you know someone who is hurting, go to them.  Be with them.  Do whatever you can.  If you have a friend who seems out of sorts lately, find out why.  Educate yourself about depression, what it is and isn't.  Even the strongest among us have moments where they need someone to be there for them.  Be that someone.  Let's start talking about depression and mental illness without shame or judgment.  Maybe we can save a life.


  1. É assustador de ver quantas pessoas estão sofrendo com depressão.
    Após a morte de meu marido minha mãe entrou em depressão, e permaneceu assim por quatro longos anos. São momentos muito difíceis para a pessoa e para toda a família.
    Infelizmente nosso querido Robin não teve mais forças para lutar.

  2. Hugs to you, Rosangela. And hugs to your sweet mom.