Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh, what a couple of weeks!  Hubby needed minor surgery, and has been home with me, recovering.  I must say he was a perfect patient, not at all demanding or whiney.  His only need was an occasional bowl of ice cream or cereal (I would usually encourage him to eat "real food", but this week he was allowed to indulge), and a partner for watching trashy daytime television.  He has now returned to work, and I kind of miss my guy being underfoot.

In other news, I listed a batch of summertime baby hats, all ready to ship.  They are all 100% cotton for warm weather comfort, and cute cute if I do say so myself.

I'm working on some shawls for the art show next weekend.  I'm so excited!!!  The hooligans are going to grandma's for the weekend, and hubby and I are turning it into a mini vacation.  Our anniversary is coming up, so we have lots of reason to celebrate!  I am so grateful for this fun life I have been blessed with. 

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