Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Home Goals

Today is Nesting Place's 2012 Home Goals Party.

My goals are:

1.  New flooring in the kitchen
     I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to carpet the kitchen, but that needs to change.  It's on the agenda for this weekend.  I'll post pics when we are finished.

2. Paint!  almost every room in the house needs paint. 
3. Basement - less storage, more usable space
4.  Raised garden beds in the back yard

I don't have any pictures to add to this post, but I will have plenty of pictures of the work as it progresses.

Just so this post isn't a boring all-words-no-eyecandy post, here's a pic of my little sweetie:

Daddy was trying to teach her to go down the stairs on her behind, but she had no interest in learning.  She wanted to sit on the stairs and make funny faces for Mommy.

Just look at that staircase.  An embarrassment, I tell you!  One of the areas that so desperately needs a fresh coat of paint, and a bit of decorating.

If you wanna join the linky party, click on the picture below:

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  1. Hi Stephanie have just come over from Vintage Sheets Blog great to see you have a "Home Goals to do list" it looks as if you will be kept busy for a while!! Hope you like painting! Don't forget to make lots of time for your lovely crafts.