Monday, September 15, 2014

Etsy at the Exchange


We had such a fantastic Saturday morning at Etsy at the Exchange!  The venue was rustic and beautiful, and all of the vendors were cheerful and friendly. 
Of course, I brought hats hats hats
This was my daughter Autumn's first show.  She brought her bookmarks, cell phone charms, and necklaces.  Jo came along to help out, too.
I met several lovely Etsy sellers, and wish I would have had more room on my camera for pictures.  But, alas, my memory card was full.  Or, hubby's was full.  He warned me that it was about to happen, but I did not listen.
Anyway, here's the vendors I got pics of:
From the Farm Prims makes the cutest prim items.  I spent a bit of money at her table :) 
Mazzy's Munchies was there with yummy-looking treats for pups.  I brought home a bag of their peanut butter trainers, along with a beet cupcake.  Charlotte and Bonita love them!  I think Mazzy's Munchies are going to become a regular fixture around the Smith House.
Next time I will get more pictures, because there were so many talented Etsy sellers at this event.  It will go on every Saturday at The Exchange on the Independence Square.  If you're in the area, come by next month to see all the talented Independence Etsy sellers.  I'll have lots of animal themed hats, since they seemed to be very popular.  See you there!

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