Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm sorry to admit that once again, I have been neglecting my poor little blog.  Here's a quick little life update:

1.  We're moving!!  We found a lovely house with raised garden beds and a sweet little chicken coop already in place!  And the house itself is beautiful.  And so much bigger than where we are now.  We will be moving in on August 1.  Looking forward to planting some broccoli, cauliflower, and radishes for fall harvesting! 

2.  Josephine's favorite words lately:  "I LOVE IT!!!"   She says it with such enthusiasm.  I love her!

3.  I am currently working on a huge rag rug, made from recycled sari silk.  Also, a dress for Josephine is in the works, from this pattern.  Pics coming soon!


  1. I'm following you now, too! Nice blog. . .

  2. How exciting to have found a new house especially one with raised garden beds!

    I have perused many of your posts and enjoyed seeing your lovely crochet creations and your adorable little Jo. Sweet, sweet sweet!

  3. Love you work! Thanks for stopping by and for visiting Gina! Hope you're enjoying your new house!

    Cheery wave from