Friday, March 23, 2012

Doily Project - Day 1

I bought the coolest little book called 99 Little Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen.  You know how some books have one or two patterns you want to make, and the rest seem to be just filler?  Not this one.  At least not for me.

So I am going to make every doily in the book.  Not in any specific order, just randomly.  Today I started my project with #31 in the book.  I used an E hook and I Love This Cotton! yarn, to make the doily a little more modern.  Here's the outcome:

It needs to be blocked, but I just couldn't wait to show it off.  I think it turned out quite well. 

Here's my new doily in action:

Please excuse the darkness of the picture, I couldn't wait until morning.  Are you catching on yet that I am lacking in patience?  I'll work on that.

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